No Limit Agency captures franchise development leads for Smoothie King by generating enticing email marketing campaigns.


Client: Smoothie King

About our Work

When Smoothie King came to No Limit Agency in 2015, the brand’s experience with its previous agency had been a negative one, feeling as though the corporate team hadn’t gotten a return on their investment. Smoothie King is one of the most reputable, well-known smoothie brands on the market, offering a proven business model for prospective franchisees and an in-demand, healthy product for consumers. Clearly, the brand needed an agency that could go beyond simply meeting them where they were, but to help the franchise grow to even greater heights. Armed with unique, proven pitching methods and a team of talented individuals who could generate quality creative materials, No Limit Agency was ready to exceed the Smoothie King team’s expectations.

An area in which No Limit Agency focused a great deal of its attention was franchise development. Even with a brand that practically sells itself, No Limit Agency understood that the correct branding, and concentrating on a target audience, was imperative to the brand’s continued development and growth.

Before sharing the Smoothie King story, however, No Limit Agency had to ensure that the right type of quality content was trending throughout the web. No Limit Agency developed a full-press targeted market strategy including Website landing pages with market specific localized content highlighting the opportunities in the area. The campaign was supported by both AMPD/Boosting and traditional PPC campaigns, driving the right candidates to the pages. Smoothie King also joined 1851 Franchise, No Limit Agency’s premier franchising magazine. In a short period of time after the launching of the Smoothie King 1851 Franchise brand page, the content generated thousands of readers and visitors.

To expand readership and franchise development even further, No Limit Agency called on its team of skilled creatives to produce out-of-the-box email marketing campaigns that were as click-worthy as they were informative. It wasn’t enough to send out basic, bland newsletters and email blasts, No Limit Agency made it its mission to create content that would capture prospective franchisees’ interests and lead them to begin the path of business ownership with Smoothie King.

An effective campaign which No Limit Agency created and sent to a targeted group was the “What’s Your Purpose” email. The campaign featured informative, simple and intriguing copy highlighting the Smoothie King brand’s simple business model, low initial investment, consistent growth and quality, great tasting product. The creative material produced for the campaign fit alongside Smoothie King’s branding, while also sharing a story of the brand’s professionalism and success.

“When producing creative materials for Smoothie King, I really try to focus on designing campaigns that are informative, but also fun,” said No Limit Agency senior creative manager, Ahmad Yilmaz. “It may seem like an obvious approach, but what it comes down to for me is, what would I want to spend time looking at if I were on the receiving end? Every time I’m designing for Smoothie King, I’m asking myself, am I sharing the type of information that truly pertains to these recipients? Is it fun to read? Does it fit with Smoothie King branding? We’ve taken the time and energy to really gain a strong understanding of the brand and what its goals are, and I think our creative reflects that relationship.”