No Limit Agency takes Philly Pretzel Factory from regional brand to national powerhouse through targeted media placements and social media campaigns.


Client: Philly Pretzel Factory

About our Work

Key Stats:


  • Start Date: April 2010
  • Scope: Franchise and Consumer PR; Social Media
  • Units Sold Since Hiring NLA: 40

Public Relations Stats:

  • Collective PR Value: $3,760,245.00
  • Collective Ad Value: $1,074,355.00
  • Collective # of Secured Placements: 280+

Proud Media Moments:

  • FOX & Friends
  • FOX Business – Mornings with Maria
  • Good Morning America
  • Yahoo! Sports
  • ESPN
  • Huffington Post
  • Washington Post
  • Associated Press
  • CNBC – Squawk Box
  • Fox Business – Varney & Co.
  • Sports Illustrated
  • The Today Show
  • Undercover Boss

Social Media Growth:

  • Facebook: 901%
  • Twitter: 99%
  • Instagram: Grew profile from 0 to 3,331 followers
  • Total Engagements (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram): 398,142
  • Total Impressions (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram): 89,107,392
  • Total Link Clicks (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram): 83,060

When Philly Pretzel Factory retained No Limit Agency, the brand was regional on the East Coast and wanting to expand its franchise footprint across the country. In addition to securing press for new franchisee signings and store openings, plans to expand into key growth markets and other business topics, a key strategy No Limit Agency utilizes is on Philly Pretzel Factory owning a food holiday — April 26th, National Pretzel Day. Over the past several years, No Limit Agency has implemented a pitching strategy on the local, regional, trade and national levels to put Philly Pretzel Factory as the face of this growing food holiday.

In April 2014 (just days before National Pretzel Day), Tim Tebow was traded to the Philadelphia Eagles — and the No Limit Agency social media and PR teams quickly devised a strategy and took action to capitalize on the news of this media darling joining its hometown team. The Philly Pretzel Factory team had created a Tim Tebow pretzel that No Limit Agency then turned into a shareable image congratulating Tebow on the trade from Philly Pretzel Factory. The tweet spread quickly, gaining the attention of ESPN, the NFL and Sports Illustrated. @PPFPretzels was flooded with requests to use the photo across many different media platforms. The momentum only increased throughout the day, as ESPN and the NFL both tweeted out the photo themselves with a credit to Philly Pretzel Factory. The No Limit Agency PR team leveraged this news to blow out National Pretzel Day and secured coverage on FOX & Friends, The Today Show (twice!), CNBC, CBS Evening News, People magazine, Sports Illustrated and 1,800 other media outlets over 24 hours.

No Limit Agency has grown National Pretzel Day into Philly Pretzel Factory’s signature PR event, securing segments on FOX Business, FOX & Friends, Good Morning America,,, and dozens of placements for franchisees in local markets in 2016.

For ongoing social media, No Limit Agency is focused on building a community of engaged users and increasing store traffic by promoting new products and doing consistent giveaways. Philly Pretzel Factory’s target audience of women, families and sports fans loves to enter to win prizes. By tapping into their customers’ passion for the product, we can increase store traffic, new fans of the page and engagement on the page. Regular contests like “Tag a Friend,” “Guess the Score of the Big Game,” and creating custom pretzel shapes based on current events like The Olympics and the 2016 Presidential Election keep the page fresh and the followers engaged and eager to enter to win.


Philly Pretzel Factory on Fox & Friends
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