No Limit Agency leveraged targeted social media ads to build strong momentum for Famous Toastery grand openings. 


Client: Famous Toastery

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When Famous Toastery first started with No Limit Agency back in 2014, it was at the very beginning of its franchising journey. Nearly a decade after launching its better breakfast concept in 2005 in Huntersville, Charlotte, the brand decided to expand to communities across the country by partnering with local business owners. But Famous Toastery knew that in order to be successful on the national level, it needed to get the word out about its business ownership opportunity. That’s why NLA didn’t waste any time getting to work on social media ads.

Understanding and recognizing the unique challenges facing emerging franchise concepts, No Limit Agency created a plan to boost Famous Toastery’s brand awareness through a combination of PR and targeted digital and social media ads campaigns. With a goal of increasing the brand’s visibility among both consumers and prospective business owners, NLA started weaving together a full brand biography for Famous Toastery to explain why it stands out in the increasingly crowded restaurant industry.

Right off the bat, members of NLA’s media relations team hit the phones to tell the story of Famous Toastery’s fresh food and “Every Server is Your Server” mentality. Content producers and editors for 1851 Franchise also got to work interviewing the brand’s team members and first franchisees to share the professional journeys that led them to the Famous Toastery brand. That strategy then created a new narrative surrounding the brand, and people started to catch on.

As more franchisees joined Famous Toastery’s growing system, No Limit Agency worked with the brand to develop a strategy surrounding grand openings. To ensure that consumers in the area surrounding a new restaurant were aware of the business entering their community, NLA’s design and social media experts teamed up to create compelling digital and social media ads.

“Our goal is to give people a reason to check out Famous Toastery’s new restaurants before they even open their doors for business. That’s why we start rolling out social media ad campaigns months in advance,” said Brigit Larson, No Limit Agency’s Digital Executive. “By using a comprehensive, three-pronged approach to targeted Facebook campaigns , we’re ensuring that Famous Toastery’s grand openings are celebrated with tons of excited and enthusiastic customers.”

That three-pronged approach starts with building general brand awareness. In order to introduce local customers to the Famous Toastery brand, NLA creates a campaign that explains what the brand’s all about that’s hosted on the new restaurant’s individual location Facebook page. This phase also includes countdowns on social media to the grand opening in order to create awareness for the official launch date, with posts available to be boosted at Famous Toastery’s discretion. Next, No Limit Agency’s social media team rolls out gift card giveaways to give customers a reason to see the new restaurant for themselves while also increasing engagement in the form of comments and likes. The final step is to then launch Facebook offers, including 10 percent off deals and “Buy One Get One” coupons.

To ensure that these campaigns go off without a hitch, NLA’s digital team oversees activity on Famous Toastery’s individual location pages. By working within the brand’s budget and boosting these ads, No Limit Agency is able to geographically target the right fans—and potential customers. Content on each page is then ramped up before each grand opening to achieve maximum engagement and generate additional buzz as the launch date gets closer. And No Limit Agency continues to monitor and create content for these Famous Toastery pages even after the grand opening is complete, seeing the process all the way through.

To capitalize on this strong digital presence and drum up even more awareness surrounding Famous Toastery’s grand openings, No Limit Agency’s creative team works together to make the narrative public through a variety of different mediums. In addition to creating social ads for the brand’s new location in Eaton, Pennsylvania, for example, NLA’s media relations team also worked to secure press in local publications like the Philadelphia Business Journal about the grand opening. 1851 also spoke to the franchisee behind the location for a feature profile, which was then pushed to a core audience of potential customers and potential franchise candidates through the agency’s proprietary AMPD program. The media buying strategy, which is a blend of social, news and PPC buys that drives the right target audience to a brand’s content and website, then builds on the momentum behind traditional social ads.

By repeating this process for every one of Famous Toastery’s openings, No Limit Agency is able to increase the brand’s awareness on the national level. It’s clear that this unique approach to creating a brand biography is working—with nearly 20 locations up and running and plans to sign another 15 deals in 2017 for a total of 75 units, the brand is achieving its initial goal of rapidly expanding through the franchising business model.

“What makes No Limit Agency so unique is its ability to combine traditional PR with a strong digital presence. By bringing media relations, social media ads, design, and digital marketing elements to the table in one consolidated package, we’re able to promote Famous Toastery’s grand openings on all fronts,” Larson said. “Our familiarity with all aspects of a brand’s media outreach efforts puts us in a position to secure bigger wins for our clients as they continue to grow.”