No Limit Agency takes Checkers & Rally's key messaging to the next level through consistent national and local media placements.


Client: Checkers

About our Work

Key Stats:

  • Start Date: September 2011
  • Scope: Franchise PR & 1851
  • Collective PR Value: $51,073,050
  • Collective Ad Value: $14,592,300
  • Collective # of Secured Placements: 450
  • Units Sold Since Hiring NLA: 180

Proud Media Moments:

  • Undercover Boss
  • The New York Times
  • The Early Show
  • FOX Business
  • The Wall Street Journal
  • FOX & Friends
  • CBS News
  • Entrepreneur

Checkers & Rally’s retained No Limit Agency in September 2011 with a desire to elevate awareness of its franchise opportunity. Franchise sales were stagnant and consumer sentiment indicated perceived “grease” on the brand.

Although risky, NLA went for the grand slam right off the bat, securing an appearance on Undercover Boss – an episode that ultimately won an Emmy. Shortly thereafter, Checkers made NLA agency of record for PR and “Supplier of the Year” in 2013. Today, more than five years after starting the relationship with No Limit Agency, the brand awards more than 80 locations, on average, per year, and its projectile is now positive.

To continue to move this momentum forward, NLA is charged with keeping the brand in the press every single week — whether that’s a local business journal, a daily newspaper, a morning show cooking segment or a national television segment, Checkers can see the effect that consistent press has on its franchise lead flow. The key to the success of the relationship between NLA and Checkers & Rally’s is a shared goal, an understanding of what types of press result in increased brand awareness and a razor-sharp focus on consistent brand messaging.

Another milestone moment for Checkers & Rally’s was in February of 2016, when the brand issued a challenge to Burger King’s launch of hot dogs via a full-page ad in USA Today, starting the “Wiener Wars” among top QSR brands. No Limit Agency secured more than 30 high-level placements about the Wiener War, ranging from from local TV to national online press, with all messaging focused on Checkers & Rally’s position as the leader in the hot dog segment for more than 30 years.